Medak, Telangana – go, don’t go, whatever.

Like clockwise, my sleep broke at little past 2 AM.  This has been happening a lot frequently; and I have spent a fair share of time analyzing this pattern, because broken sleep is not my thing.  I have always been a sound sleeper; insomniac sometimes, but when I eventually sleep, it is thick and sound.  … Continue reading Medak, Telangana – go, don’t go, whatever.

2 weeks in Coastal Kerala – a travelogue

Almost two weeks ago, when I landed at Trivandrum Airport, I had no fixed itinerary in mind, except that I wanted to travel up the coast of Kerala.  I headed to Kovalam first, just south of Trivandrum.  I checked into a cosy homestay, tucked a little away from the popular Light House Beach, yet had … Continue reading 2 weeks in Coastal Kerala – a travelogue

Road trip through Konkani Maharashtra

As I walked barefoot by the silver sparkling beach of Harihareshwar, spellbound by the simplicity of this sleepy Konkan town, the silence mixed with the rhythmic sound of waves was putting me in a peaceful trance.  I found myself at ease with the way of life of this quaint coastal town - hushed, peaceful, slow, … Continue reading Road trip through Konkani Maharashtra